Amthor dead weight tester manual treadmill

Find great deals on eBay for ametek dead weight tester. Shop with confidence. Installation and Maintenance Manual for the The deadweight tester consists of a two stage hydraulic pump containing a manifold which is pressurized during operation.

Integral to the pump is a shuttle valve that allows the operator to regulate the speed of pressure increase. One connection to the manifold includes a cylin An OMEGA Technologies Company DWT1305D Series Deadweight Tester DWT1327D Portable Pressure Test Set Operators Manual Deadweight Tester Amthor Dead Weight Tester Manual AMTHOR 460 Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Tester Calibrator 500 PSI Chandler Engineering Dead Weight 231 Industrial Pressure Tester wOwners Manual.

AMTHOR TESTING INSTRUMENT Calibration, Micro Precision Calibration Inc. is an ISO Accredited Lab that performs AMTHOR TESTING INSTRUMENT calibration. Deadweight Testers We provide the worlds only balltype deadweight testers, where the ball and weights float on a thin film of air, which is virtually frictionless.

This design eliminates the necessity to rotate the weights during testing, and allows the user to concentrate on the instrument itself. A deadweight tester is a calibration standard that uses the principle of a pressure balance to calibrate pressure measuring instruments. Deadweight testers use calibrated weights to apply known pressures to a device under test for a simple and costeffective solution that covers a wide range of pressure calibrations.

What is a Dead Weight Tester? S Bharadwaj Reddy 2 Comments A dead weight tester is an instrument that calibrates pressure by determining the weight of force divided by the area the force is applied. Feb 01, 2008В  I believe dead weight testers for pressure gauges are still in production.

We have an" Amthor" dead wieght tester here Aug 10, 2010В  How a deadweight tester works to generate pressure for calibration and demonstration of the Mensor Deadweight tester model amthor dead weight pressure gauge tester. Sold for: Start Free Trial Source: eBay; Hello, selling a amthor dead weitht pressure gauge tester for testing pressures up to 1, 000psi accuracy of 110 of 1 of indicated reading.

This is a neat old collector item I have found in the garage. Ashcroft 1300 Dead Weight Tester With Weights;