Naruc cost allocation manual

Beyond persistent debates over the cost shift and value of DERs, the NARUC manual provides some guidelines for when utility regulators should take action on rate design for distributed resources. The manual has six overarching themes, Villarreal said, ranging from the relationship of shortterm and longterm costs to cost allocation and understanding how technologies like AMI, DERMS, and ADMS Other allocation methods recommended by the NARUC Cost Allocation Manual include: 1 Coincident Peak Demand using single highest peak Average Seasonal System Coincident Peak 12 Coincident Peak Demand 1 Non coincident Peak Monthly Average Non coincident Peak Average and Excess Or direct assignment Distribution Plant Distribution plant includes facilities that provide service at primary and Electric Utility Cost Allocation Manual.

National Association of Regulatory kilowatts Line Transformers LOAD CURVES Load FactorExcess Demand load study maximum demand Maximum Noncoincident Demand meters NARUC Noncoincident Demand method noncoincidental number of customers operating overhead lines peak demands peak loads percent plant ELECTRIC UTILITY COST ALLOCATION MANUAL January, 1992 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REGULATORY UTILITY COMMISSIONERS 1102 Interstate Commerce Commission Building Constitution Avenue and Twelfth Street, NW Post Office Box 684 Washington, DC Telephone No.

(202) Facsimile No. (202) cost allocation manual page 1 of 43 table of contents 1. introduction. 3 2. the apuc corporate structure. 4 3. the regulation of electric and gas utilities. of the distribution system. Source: NARUC Utility Cost Allocation Manual, 1992. for all customers). This project was jointly assigned to the NARUC Staff Subcommittees on Electricity and Economics in February, 1985. Jack Doran, at the California PUC had led a task force in 1969 that wrote the original Cost Allocation Manual; the famous" Green Book".

I was asked to put together a task force to revise it and include a Marginal Cost section. NARUC Cost Allocation Manual (1992) Docket 5EI137 (opened 2005; closed 2014 with no action) THE COMMISSION DOES NOT ENDORSE ANY PARTICULAR COSS MODEL In contested cases, Commission staff does not endorse any particular COSS model and the Commission itself Subject: Image Created Date: 11: 58: 13 AM